JRM Resources prides itself on completing projects to a high standard.  
Sump Cleanout Program
Alcoa Australia

JRM Resources currently hold a contract to clean the sumps across Alcoa's mine sites. This year seen the company clean 119 sumps removing over 31,000 BCM to the standard requried by the client.



Clearing Works
Alcoa Australia

JRM Resources have a history built on clearing operations. Both John and Robert Moore have been passionate about clearing to high standard in the safest and cleanest way possible. The company is currently carrying out clearing operations across Alcoa mine sites and looks forward to a long relationship with the client. 

Minjar Gold
TSF Lift

The project involved the conversion of a 3-cell TSF into one large TSF.

The TSF will be raised by 2.5m utilising semi dry tailings from within the TSF – 90,000m3 of embankment construction by both dozer push and load and haul methods.


Timber Residue
Simcoa Operations


Simcoa Operations use the best materials available to produce the world's highest quality silicon. JRM Resources processes timber waste by downsizing it with a excavator fitted with hydraulic wood shears, it is then loaded into dump trucks and carted to a laydown area at which point it is loaded into the shredder and further processed to a size suitable for Simcoa. The timber is used to make low ash charcoal, which is then combined with high quality quartzite.

Provision of Roading Services
Forest Products Commission


JRM Resources has a contract to provide roading services (unsealed roads) on land managed by the Forest Products Commission (FPC) and Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW). The contract includes supply of machinery and personnel to complete various projects.


Heavy Vehicle Haulage

JRM Resources transports equipment for various clients throughout the south west of WA. The company is very experienced in heavy haulage and works closely with local contractors to ensure the needs are met.

Samson Dam Remedial Works
Water Corporation.


JRM Resources completed works on Samson Dam Remedial Works from 2013 - 2017. Throughout this time JRM Resources completed clearing works, drainage, cut and fill, provided supervision and consultation to the primary contractor.

Supply of Mulch


JRM Resources produces mulch as a by-product from its timber processing. Mulch is supplied to various buyers in WA including eclipse soils, avocado farmers, Alcoa, RichGro and C-Wise.

JRM Resources is always looking for prospective clients to supply mulch.

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